Xbox One X 4K Gaming Feature

Xbox One X 4K Gaming

Xbox introduce xbox one x new feature. from which you can play 4k games. But your laptop and computer should supports 4k resolution.

Xbox one X to test out all its amazing features. and see what we can do so here are some amazing Xbox one X features that are gonna make your gaming life so much better.

we all know that the Xbox one X is a graphical powerhouse capable of running games in I’m melting 4k but you don’t actually need a 4k telly to make the most of the Xbox one X you’ll be able to see its benefits even on a 1080p display this is thanks to a wonderful technique called super sampling now if you didn’t know super sampling is when the native rendering of the game is above the resolution of your TV so the signal scales down to match your screen whilst preserving much of the picture quality take shadow war for example. super sampled from 4k to 1080p it produces an incredibly sharp picture there’s increased anti aliasing which gives you smoother lines and fewer jaggies of course it gets sharper than Italians all for having sword when you pump it into a 4k TV but it’s great to see the benefits on older TVs to think of super sampling like chocolate even when it’s melted it’s still pretty tasty and these are the only benefits. you get from playing the Xbox one X on a 1080p screen if a game supports high resolution textures.


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