Microsoft launched the original Xbox in 2001 yeah quite some time ago and then they launched the Xbox 360 in 2005 so four years later followed by the Xbox one in 2013 which was eight years later now while the Xbox 360 was a much better seller than the PlayStation 3 was the Xbox one actually had a very rough start Sony UI for example was quite unintuitive it had that controversial DRM where he had to be online or to play games initially it was significantly larger thicker and also heavier than the ps4.

while at the same time having a massive external power supply like the ps4 was not only smaller but it had an internal power supply as well and on top of all this the ps4 was more powerful than the Xbox one while also being cheaper so that’s because Microsoft was including the Microsoft Kinect in the box when it was shipping this initially and obviously as a result the ps4 became the top-selling console and it owned more than double the market share that the Xbox one did over in November 2017 as a response to Sony’s upgrade to ps4 the ps4 pro.

Microsoft released the Xbox one X which still is at a moment the world’s most powerful console the one expects 6/3 flops of GPU compute power 12GB GDDR5 memory VS the ps4 pro 4.12 teraflops and 8GB GDDR5 memories so yeah quite a significant difference in terms of the actual specs and you know as a result Xbox 1x can indeed do true 4k gaming at 60 frames per second rather than checkerboard at 4k at 30 that the ps4 pro can do so the X is already a true 4k gaming machine even though support for native 4k 60 games is quite limited to mostly the Forte’s a series of games and fortnite’s.

XBOX Two Release Date:

We know that sony’s working on a PS 5 for release in 2019 or 2020 now in terms of the Microsoft Xbox 2 this would be released in 2020 not 2019 so it’s still a bit far away ok so what exactly do we know in terms of the Xbox 2 well at e3 2018 Phil Spencer the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division told the audience that or Hardware team is deep into developing the next generation of Xbox consoles where we will once again deliver on our commitments you set the benchmark for console gaming notice how Phil said Xbox consoles in plural rather than just an upcoming single Xbox model and the initial leaked codename for the Xbox 2 or whatever Microsoft’s gonna be calling this thing Scarlet’s over a Branagh report.

And August claims that a code name was actually anaconda instead of scarlet and then a few more reports in September claimed that a code names were actually anaconda Lockhart’s as well as scarlet so yet ago we had three different Xbox models that do seem to be already in the works okay but why three models and how would they actually differ from one another well at the moment we don’t really know exactly but what we do know is that Microsoft plans on focusing heavily on cloud gaming in fact they’ve even said at e3 2018 that the next generation of Xbox is would be the last generation of physical Xbox consoles followed by a full switch to streaming services for the following generation so my guess is that the entry-level.

xbox two

Xbox Two Streaming.

Xbox the first model would be a streaming only machine so you know this will allow Microsoft to heavily decrease the cost of this I mean realistically they could even price this thing at a hundred dollars or so since you know you would mostly be paying for the controller and aren’t in that you’ll have a small streaming box like you know chromecast or an Apple TV so similar to Brad’s now the meteor Xbox would be very similar to the Xbox one X in terms of the specs with 4060 gaming support. while the higher-end model the Xbox 2 Pro let’s just call it the Xbox 2 Pro I think that’s a pretty good name that would have support for even 8k gaming so it kick aiming is something that Sony’s already rumored to be working on for the PS 5 and considering that the Xbox 2 would actually launch after the PS 5 and we’ve already started seeing some consumer 8k TVs at CES 2019 from Samsung LG Vizio and much more you know a key support for the xbox 2 Pro seems very likely to happen and speaking of Microsoft’s rumored gaming service.  

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It is actually 100% official it’s official and it’s actually coming so it’s called the Microsoft Project X cloud for now at least and it would support more than 3000 games that are available at the moment on the Xbox one so it would work on both the Xbox one as well as PCs running Windows of course and a public beta would begin in 2019.


xbox 2

so there we go this is what the next generation of Xbox consoles would come built in width and yes it seems like even the current generation Xbox ones would support project X cloud as well plus you know it will also work on smartphones which is which is awesome essentially all you would need is you know a device and the fast Wi-Fi 4G or 5g network so far

Microsoft said that they managed to optimize this for a 10 megabit per second connection which is really good we don’t know obviously at what resolution probably 720p at that but they’re working on scaling it for even faster connections as well. and then a new report coming from WCCF tech gives us a bit more insight into how project X cloud could work for a future generation of Xbox consoles apparently Microsoft Xbox cloud will use a semi custom am the Picasso chip now I guess you don’t know what these are these are actually the exact same chips that AMD is using for their third generation rice and processor horizon 3000 series. this is their upcoming laptop CPUs which have actually been announced at CES 2019 so even those are official so these would be included not just in Microsoft’s clustering servers the servers but it is also rumored to be the processor that’s included in the base line Xbox to you know the low end Xbox to which would be the one made with just streaming game streaming in minds the other two Xbox two models would still support the cloud X Games ring service but they would also support local gaming so yeah that’s not going away anytime soon at least not until you know the next generation the following generation of Xbox consoles now in terms of those processors leaker posted a schematic of the AMD navy apu codenamed the gonzalo apu so this is the apu that’s rumored to be included in both the PS 5 and the xbox twos which is some slight differences between the two this is so much what AMD has done with their drag where apu which is the one that powers the ps4 pro the ps4 and the Xbox one X all the models of the Xbox one so you know they only had a slightly different clock speed so for example on a ps4 Pro we have 2.13 GHZ and then on the Xbox one X we had a southeast higher clock at 2.3 yards now the Jaguar was a quad-core processor but this one is set to be an octa-core chip with a max clock speed of 3.2 GHz per core which is pretty awesome so this will be a massive performance improvement from the Jaguar apu plus the gonzalo is also based on AMD Zen 2 architecture which is also based on a 7mm process versus the 28 nanometers that you know we had on the Jaguars so yeah in terms of the power consumption the gonzalo would be significantly more powerful and also power efficient and therefore the next generation of consoles can run cooler while also achieving much better performance now on the GPU side both the PS 5 and the Xbox 2 would include and these next-generation Navi GPU architecture which would also be based on 7 interview process now this is something that’s a bit difficult to do however Andy has already announced the AMD Radeon seven the Radeon seven which itself is based on a 17 hour process this is actually the world’s first GPU to be based on a seven a number process so yeah they seem to be on track when it comes to mass producing the seven nanometer Navi architecture in 2024 the next generation of consoles now since both Microsoft and Sony are already using aim the CPUs and GPUs involved the ps4 and the Xbox one.

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you know it would make a lot of sense for both of them to continue their partnership with AMD and continue using em the components in the next generation of consoles and all the new X boxes would be backwards compatible with the Xbox ones and even some of the Xbox 360 games so this is something that even at the moment the Xbox one does support backwards compatibility with some of the Xbox 360 games actually quite a lot of them and something big that’s more than likely coming to the next direction Xbox is finally a VR headset who’s excited for VR let me know in the comments but yeah even though Microsoft has basically pioneered 3d tracking with the Kinect back when you know the original expose was released that was pretty cool never really tried it myself but I’ve seen it in action. and it’s pretty cool I was at least now it’s pretty much dead but it was no VR headset for the Xbox one or the Xbox 1x but Sony on the other hand has released the PlayStation VR but you know the display is less than 1080p for each eye and it requires a lot of cables and external processing units in order to you know work properly so it’s okay but it’s heavily held back by the performance or the lack thereof for proper VR support on the ps4 but with the power of the Xbox 2 and the Xbox 2 Pro a VR headset would be something that both of these consoles should be easily able to handle probably not the entry level streaming Xbox console though and then also Microsoft has been working on the hololens their augmented reality dar headset for a few years now so there’s a very high chance that the new Xbox is would also feature support for AR as well okay but what about the design how is the new Xbox going to look like well unfortunately we haven’t had any design leaks up until this point but we are going to get three different Xbox models all of them with a completely different design so the smallest one would be you know the cheapest one and then the middle one in the middle in terms of the design and the size and then the biggest one would be the Xbox two pro or whatever I think is going to be called so this is the set concept on how we think that the Xbox you could look like now do you believe that Microsoft would make this look very similar to the surface laptops so expect to see something like a logo a Microsoft logo on the top of the Xbox and possibly even the same color scheme as we have on the surface Pro’s so this like Dre is very similar to the ones that they use on a surface Pro’s and then we could also have a black variant for maybe the pro and then maybe a white variant for the entry level streaming only Xbox but yeah personally I’m really looking forward to all of these the best part about the next generation of consoles is that at least with the Xbox you would be able to play from any device like any device you want PC laptop mobile phone tablet you name it you would be able to play your games anywhere and I think that this is where gaming should definitely be heading towards I mean you know you can watch YouTube and stream Netflix on any device you want so why not you know try and work towards achieving the same goal the same thing with video games I’m really happy to see that this is where the industry is industry is finally heading towards but I’ll only read comments what you guys think about all this game streaming in general the specs of the Xbox 2 that have been leaked so far and also those concepts that we did in terms of the design of the Xbox see what air lemon comes what I guys think about the next duration streaming services as well.

XBOX 2 Expected Price : $850

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