Why Are People Shout On Doom Eternal New Anti-Cheat Update


Today we’re going to talk about doom it’s certain all well about the new update everyone is freaking out on and that’s because of the denuvo anti cheat program which is included in this update and this is a kernel level anti-cheat.

What's the problem it's going to stop hackers?

Now okay it’s an anti cheat what’s the problem it’s going to stop hackers from online matches ok fair enough but the problem here is that kernel aka ring 0 software basically has administrator level of access on your PC which means it monitors everything and can go around the PC and scan it for potential changes aka hacks here is basically how the privilege rings work you have ring 3 and ring 2 which are generally least privileged and most hacks and anti cheat runs in that and they are easily detected you know but there comes the problem and yes these anti cheats are capable of detecting easy cheats that running during 3 or 2 or whatever but if that cheat is running in ring 0 because more and more you know cheats are running in that privilege ring because of all the access anti-cheat won’t see them at least.

Why there is this gamble companies have do we go all-in with anti cheat

You know the normal anti-cheat simple as that that’s why there is this gamble companies have do we go all-in with anti cheat which includes kernel level anti cheats that leaves users open to various security and income poverty risks.

I mean I’m not going to write this article to tell you to remove the game and everything I will lay out different sides of the story for the full picture and you decide in the end now look now look calm down if you have a ring 0 anti-cheat it doesn’t mean that all the risks are malicious.

For example I had a problem with the Vanguard from valor and that’s also a kernel level anti cheat and it wasn’t actually interrupting my work on PC. because it was actually interacting and interrupting my drivers my PC was slower that’s why I have to turn it off and when I have to play valent again I have to restart my pc that’s kind of a pain in the butt and that’s why I say to you I mean the company won’t use the anti cheat to hack into your PC or anything like that now keep in mind this update is only on the steam and but has the game launcher it’s not actually on consoles because these treats are only made for a PC. now here comes the problem ok that’s cool but what if a third party goes into their servers hacks into that and to cheat what do they have well basically they have access potentially they have access to your entire PC and to every PC that is actually connected with this that’s the problem and and because it’s running in ring 0 usually if there is a problem or a change in your system you will get a notification a pop up which is usually what Windows actually shows you and it says are you sure you want to run this program are you sure you want to make this change and you can actually decide to click yes or no to potentially stop that but if something is running and ring 0 you don’t you don’t get that notification because that software already has that admin permission so if this becomes a trend it might open up people to various risks because people generally don’t know much about it.


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