Unreal Engine 5 On PS5

Unreal Engine 5

A few years ago we got together as a team and brainstormed where we thought we could push forward state-of-the-art in real-time graphics there are two key areas that stood out. the first dynamic global illumination beautiful bounc lighting instantaneously. I don’t have to be constrained to do a game where the work has to be static and I’m able to attach a lot faster. and we call this new system lumen and we’re about to show you what it is capable of but first there was another area that we thought we can push forward truly virtualized geometry.

The artist wouldn’t have to be concerned over poly counts draw calls or memory we directly use film quality assets and bring them straight into the engine and that’s a big deal artist I just want to be able to import my ZBrush model my photogrammetry scan my CAD data without wasting any time optimizing creating LEDs or even lowering the quality to make it hit framerate and the end that’s what it’s all about art that just works and we call this new technology nanite here is the future of Unreal Engine running live on a Playstation 5.


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Unreal Engine 5 Demo On PS5

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