TitanFall 3 Release Date and More

TitanFall 3 Release Date and Rumors :

Today with the collection of miscellaneous news starting with the biggest news CEO and co-founder of respawn Vince Zampella did an interview to which he set a couple very interesting statements when he was asked if there will be a titanfall 3 he responded by saying we don’t know yet the game is critically a huge success we’re really happy with all the reviews and a positive sentiment sales. it’s too early to tell we definitely like to tell more of the story and universe I think it’s pretty safe to assume that we’ll explore more of it EA might have announced more to which the EA publicist that was also present intervened what we’ve said is we’re committed to the franchise then Zampella immediately followed by saying so whatever the that means that response was certainly brash but definitely one to remember this was just a written interview so there’s no video of it.

Will come TitanFall 3 yes or not?

However I think it’s pretty obvious that respawn especially Vince is not pleased with EA this is the first time there’s been a sense of uncertainty for the future of the franchise the sale numbers for titanfall 2 are not as strong as hoped mostly due to the release date chosen in the week marketing campaign hopefully sales will climb during Black Friday and Christmas season with that said the game was currently discounted at quite a few retailers as well as origin right now so if you do not have the game already it would be an excellent time to purchase it to make sure we do see a titanfall 3 now moving on to some great news titanfall 2 has been nominated for four awards in the game awards 2016.


What are your thoughts on the future of TitanFall?

The categories consisting of game of the year best game Direction best action game and best multiplayer the award ceremony takes place on December 1st speaking of December when the first free map DLC Angel City is being released we’ll be getting specific details including the date as well as some other DLC info this upcoming Tuesday be sure to keep your eyes here on titanfall legends as we’ll cover the news shortly after it breaks finally the community manager at respawn made a post to the titanfall forms talking about some upcoming fix’s an update that includes addressing an issue of not receiving Advocate gifts after regen and more changes as well will be released alongside DLC one this will be an actual download patch not just a hotfix map rotation has been a problem for some players where they repeatedly get the same few maps and never get to play on others this will be fixed in the hotfix.

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