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we do have some super exciting news about PS 5. the playstation 5 will come with an 825 gigabytes solid-state drive a GPU capable of producing 10.28 teraflops and a custom-made tempest 3d audio tech engine among many more incredible specs we’re just happy to hear something from Sony after all those months of complete silence so let’s get into each of these confirmed features in more detail.

PS5 SSD Speed:

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so we all knew the PS 5 was going to come with an SSD but we didn’t really know how much storage it would have into all of the other specs like reads speed and seek time there was a lot of tech mumbo jumbo during the event but essentially all you have to know is that the PS5 SSD is

going to be blazing fast not only is it going to have 825 gigs of storage which is right in between the sizes the many rumors presented but it’ll also reduce load times to less than a second in fact the SSD could load 5.5 gigabytes of data a second which blows the ps4’s one gigabyte a second time out of the water the PS5 SSD is going to be 100 times faster than the ps4’s hard drive which sounds about right considering everything. we heard throughout the presentation but having a super fast solid-state drive comes with even more benefits than hyper quick load times it also means fast or patched downloads so we don’t have to wait an extra hour for the file to copy after it’s been downloaded. the PS5 will also come with an expansion Bay for an internal SSD to increase storage the only catch is that you’ll have to make sure the internal SSD you buy is just as fast as the one inside the PS 5 and most importantly that it fits inside the expansion Bay not all solid-state drives are built the same so Sony recommends holding off on buying one until they release more details moving into the CPU and GPU. the PS 5 will feature a custom 8 core AMD Zen 2 CPU clocked at 3.5 gigahertz and a custom GPU based on AMD’s DNA – architecture capable of producing 10 points 28 teraflops clocked at 2.2 3 gigahertz on top of all of this it’s going to have 16 gigs of Gddr 6 RAM well that’s a lot of words and numbers for the casual gamer what it essentially means is that we’re going to get a console with ray-tracing graphical capabilities so we’ll see much more realistic lighting and more immersive worlds it’s the closest to Sony console has ever come to rivaling a gaming PC the final thing.


Playstation 5 3D Audio:

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Sony touched on in the presentation was the amount of work they’re putting into 3d audio they admitted that the ps4’s audio was far from ideal and that the engine that was inside the ps3 worked much better so they tried to make one more similar to the ps3 in the PS 5 sony could have gone with Dolby Atmos but decided to make their own 3d audio engine called tempest 3d audio tech so they could focus on creating excellent audio for all the different setups players use including TV speakers headphones a sound bar surround sound and more 3d audio is mainly going to help players with immersion and locality there’ll be five different tuning options available with the console on launch picking the best one for your own unique hearing situation will make it easier to track down exactly where sound is coming from instead of just knowing its general direction in fact the sound is supposedly going to be so realistic. that you may think it’s actually coming from the real world while we were excited to finally hear from Sony we really wanted to see the design of the PS 5 and the meantime we’ll just keep on waiting for even more PlayStation 5 news we just can’t wait to play open-world games with instant fast travel times what features are you the most excited for was there anything we might have missed let us know in the comment section down below.

PS5 Design:

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