Minecraft RTX Update

Minecraft RTX Update Looks Amzing

If you don’t know Minecraft RTX has announced last year it is Minecraft coupled with Nvidia’s RTX technology which is available on more recent graphics cards and its main point is ray tracing what’s ray tracing well it’s more of an actual light simulation to put it in the easiest terms possible a ray of light is created inside the game. and it is traced pixel by pixel across the plane in the world you’re occupying creating a much more realistic lighting effect.

RTX Technology

I mean we’re talking about using a lot of different shaders and stuff but that’s the quick and dirty Minecraft RTX is a version of Minecraft with that and as you can see it’s gorgeous however getting into the beta is a bit of an ordeal you’ll need to join a program called Xbox insiders hub and select to join the Minecraft beta it’s also barely working right now because people are kind of overloading the program to get in on Minecraft RTX. like when somebody says hey there’s this great new technology and they added as a Minecraft it’s really easy to just kind of go in being like yeah it’s Minecraft whatever who cares I was a bit ready to be unimpressed to be truthful I think ray tracing is really cool it’s a technology.


Minecraft RTX on off Sample

Minecraft RTX

I have kept up with but it is Minecraft and that is that I mean it’s blocks well that said I was pretty much blown away by how much ray-tracing really adds to the visuals of what is a pretty rudimentary looking game this version of Minecraft works way better than you would expect it to it’s simulating light doing Good rays creating real-time shadows that are really good looking doing these real-time reflections that are amazed and truthfully.

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