Just Cause 4 Free On Epic Games Store

Just Cause 4 Free On Epic Games Store - Why Are You Waiting?

hello guys I’m going to show you quick steps four quick steps to get just was war for free tomorrow so I hope it’s today right now yeah tomorrow it’s tomorrow because I’m releasing there are we doing right now so let’s go guys.

The first step is you have to open epic Gamescom once your bunch of opened this in your browser you click on sign in once you’re done with that you come to this place and you if you have a existing ID please login. or you can create one using Facebook Gmail PSN Xbox and whatever you want once you’re done with that great after creating the ID after doing the verification click on get epic games you will get a window to download the epic games.

Free April 16 - 23 Coming Soon

just cause 4 free on epic

Downloaded once you’re done with that download and save the file you will have to download a 42 MB file which will take a few minutes probably depending on your ISP once you’re done with that we head on to the third step which is opening and logging in the epic games using the launcher and once you’re done with that head on to the home page roll down no it’s from storia head on to the store roll down and you’ll have to claim the game that is it that’s the last step climbing the game that’s gonna be life tomorrow you see it’s showing coming soon the date is also given it’s tomorrow so don’t miss this opportunity and if you like the stream it is stream.


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Today Date: 16-April-2020 | it's Free

just cause 4 free on epic store

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