Intel’s 10th gen CPUs – core i9 10th gen

Intel 10th Gen Processors Comet Lake and Ice Lake. Everything you need to know

It wasn’t that long ago that Intel pulled back the curtain on its 10th generation 10 nanometer isolate processors for laptops and other ultra-portable and that was a big deal. I mean Intel had previously released some 10 nanometer Comet Lake CPUs but that barely counted as a launch this time the company is going big on them and it’s really no surprise either because these new processors are based on a smaller die they’re more power efficient without sacrificing much in the way of performance.

Intel core i3, i5, i7, i9
Intel core i3, i5, i7, i9
up to 4C/8T
up to 6C/12T
Max Turbo Frequency
up to 4.1 GHz
up to 4.9 GHz
Graphics Frequency
up to 1.1 GHz
up to 1.15 GHz
LP4/x-3733, DDR4-3200
LP4/x-2933, LPDDR3-2133, DDR4-2666

Intel just announced a new handful of 10th generation comet Lake processors.

what is a surprise is that Intel just announced a new handful of 10th generation comet Lake processors based on a 14 nanometer production process that will have to take a closer look at if you really want it to go big with a comet lake chipset you’re looking at the i7-10710U which is a total mouthful but it’s easily. the most interesting of them all the big up right here is that I packed six cores and twelve threads a single-core turbo speed of 4.7 GHz and an all-core turbo at 3.9 GHz and that’s definitely no slouch at full blast it’s turbo speeds or clocks slightly higher than the top-tier isolate chip. Intel announced in early August the next model down from there the i7-10510U is slightly easier to say but offer slightly higher turbo speeds to boot but only four cores and eight threads. if you keep going down the list from there you’ll eventually land on the Core i3-10110U which runs at a higher base clock speed than both of those other chips but is limited by the fact that it only has two cores and four threads of course. Intel has some more modest I guess also known as cheaper Y Series options to show off for things like two and ones and super portable inexpensive laptops these lower end Y Series chips haven’t always made for the most seamless performance so it’s been tough at times to use one of them in your primary machine that might change this year since all but the most mild-mannered comet Lake Y a series processor offers four cores and they threads and that’s something that’s just never happened before and beyond that these chips also required noticeably less power to run than those newfangled ice like equivalent so he wouldn’t be surprised to see comet Lake Y series chips wind up in a lot of super affordable or very portable machines in time.


So why should you buy?

so why should you buy a machine with one of these chips in it well maybe you shouldn’t there are a few drawbacks here to keep in mind since these comet lake chips are based on an older production process not a single one of the packs. Intel’s improved iris + integrated graphics for a lot of you watching this that might be reason enough to skip comet-like altogether though I should point out it probably won’t be a huge deal for more basic views and if you’re on the market for a low powered machine that would have a white serious chip in and these common leg versions can’t boost as fast as there are isolate counterparts and they also have slightly slower memory interfaces we obviously can’t make any final judgment calls until we’ve started testing PCs with these new chips in them but at this point it kind of seems like all Intel really managed to do is make it’s own lineup even harder to understand and that’s what we’re here for to break down.

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