Horizon Zero Dawn Comes to PC This Month

Sony confirms Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC This Summer.

Horizon announced yes I can confirm that horizon zero dawn is coming to PC this summer there will be more information coming from guerilla in the new studio directors pretty soon but before you get ahead of yourself holster tempered expectations of other ps4 games making their way to PC he revealed to maybe put a few minds at ease releasing one first party triple-a title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game.

Will this game launch on pc?

Now will come to PC in my mind horizon zero dawn was just a great fit in this particular instance we don’t have plans for day and date and we remain a hundred percent committed to dedicated hardware which makes sense but also it’s the complete opposite stance of Microsoft’s play anywhere scheme which makes first party titles cross by and cross save across PC Xbox one and eventually the next Xbox pulse.


I hear you loud and clear dude but could you please ask Miyazaki and Sony to bring blood-borne to PC playing that game with next to no load times sounds like horizon is already very pretty so I’m excited to see what it looks like on PC but how do you feel about the ps4 losing another exclusive to PC first that’s trending now.

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