GTA 5 Free On Epic Game Store

GTA 5 Free On Epic Game store

Would you like to play for free?

GTA 5 it is released on the epic games launcher for free so this was actually a huge rumor that was going around yesterday and I wanted to write a article about it but I was worried that the rumor was not going to be true so I decided to wait the next day and luckily enough the rumor was actually true which is awesome now not only do you get the GTA V game you also get the premium addition. to it so if you guys don’t already own it on the PC or you just want to make another account for glitches and stuff then go right ahead is now free it’s really cool to actually be able to have a free game.

Now the reason why these rumors were going around so quickly was because recently the people who had an Xbox one membership were actually able to get GTA 5

for free but recently they replaced it with Red Dead Redemption 2 now because of that it was actually not free anywhere and usually it is so people are really wondering what was going on and didn’t they saw that the mystery game what’s going out on the epic games launcher and so a lot of people just assumed that it was GTA 5 and it was so yeah that was really cool now that’s basically it for this video I wanted to share to you guys what was going on as of today so currently as I posted this article it is going to be unlocked right now you can get it right now and it’s really really cool.

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