Game OF The Year 2019

Game OF The Year 2019

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - Game Of The Year 2019

sekiro shadows die twice

Welcome to a dream of Japan not at all like anything you’ve encountered before sekiro shadows die twice is set during the end years of the Sengoku period it’s a time of a mere endless conflict and bloodshed journey into this unforgiving world shaped by violence and discover what secrets await in the shadows.


Sekiro shadows die twice follows the story of a shinobi mentioned because the wolf as a young boy roaming the battlefield he’s taken in by the owl. what’s the matter stray nothing left to lose the wolf is assigned to protect a new master known as the divine air.

you will pledge your life in my service as your command the boy is the descendant of a mysterious bloodline making him the target of the Hasina clan leave this to me. so the noble shinobi stands in our way you must never forget the shinobi code. if you a masters take bring him back at any cost. (what is this).

The Shinobi Prosthetic:

The wolf’s prosthetic arm changes how he fights this mysterious shinobi tool are often outfitted with an arsenal of powerful items just like the grapnel use it to explore new areas or gain a tactical advantage. break shields with the loaded axe drag enemies closer with the loaded spear or set them a blaze with the flame vent stun and confuse enemies with shuriken and firecrackers or deflect heavy attacks with the loaded umbrella mix these powerful tools together with your sword to seek out new ways to kill ingeniously and tip the chances of the fight your way.


Combat in Sekiro shadows die twice requires strategy and therefore the refore the same tactics won’t work against every enemy a master shinobi must be both aggressive and versatile deflection is simply a method to show in enemy’s attacks into a chance each deflection will deal damage to an enemies posture keep it up and the enemy’s posture will break leaving them vulnerable use this critical moment to lend serious damage with a shinobi death blow.


enemies at times will use perilous attacks that cannot be blocked in these situations you’ll need to make a split-second decision will you risk great harm to yourself an attempt to counter the attack or will you use this moment to fall back and prepare for your next move success against stronger enemies will come right down to learning their distinct tactics and responding together with your own unique offensive and defensive maneuvers you’ll also find that certain situations allow for a silent approach use your blade for a quiet takedown or eavesdrop to gain vital information about your enemies in sekiro shadows die twice you will not survive every encounter but death isn’t always defeat the wolf has his limited ability to return from the dead using resurrection after resurrecting the wolf is vulnerable if he’s killed it will mean losing valuable resources and potentially other more personal consequences performing a shinobi death love or resting at a sculptors Idol will allow the wolf to resurrect once again.


With each battle one you’ll begin to unlock new skills that assist you fight and defend you’ll discover shinobi tools that expand the capabilities of your prosthetic arm and find materials like gunpowder to upgrade them your journey into darkness are going to be fraught with challenge and surrounded by death but if you execute different strategies in battle and leverage the powerful tools in your arsenal you can rise to any challenge.

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