Doom Eternal New Denuvo anti-cheats Update

Big Update Of Doom Eternal

So the big update one for Doom Eternal was now finally live. I was done with the other one the official patch notes went live so we’re gonna go over the patch notes we’re gonna be talking about some of the things that this update brings for the campaign and battle mode.

so let’s just jump into it because there’s a lot so let’s start this off with the main thing that this update was supposed to bring in power demons now the feature as of right now is in the game however there’s a caveat you’re not gonna be seen any empowered demons until 24 hours after the update goes live so if you were on the west coast you won’t be seeing any empowered demons until about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow on the East for once that feature goes live it’s like opening a floodgate just a bunch of overpowered demons Coast I believe it won’t be until about noon but just so you know during that timeframe all the demons are dying from are being tracked.



and yes I know that the multiplayer element is extremely popular but this could have been sorted out with a less invasive software and look this is a constant war between hackers and companies new hacks are made every day and security needs to be updated so it doesn’t ultimately ruin the experience of other people so in a sense it’s a double-edged sword on one side you have less hackers and more enjoyable experience on the other side you have more hackers but less security flaws while in this one ok yes my game is enjoyable.

Why Are People Freaking Out on New Doom Eternal Anti-Cheat Update….

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