Crysis Remastered

Crytek Launches Crysis Remastered

Crysis is indeed getting remastered though Crytek has yet to form any official announcements the remaster was just leaked by the cookie policy page on the official site of all places before it had been updated the page confirmed that Crysis remastered is coming to PC PlayStation Xbox and even Nintendo switch outside of updated visuals and higher resolution textures the remaster will also make use of crying genes ray tracing API which works on all hardware regardless of manufacturer the text has since been removed but the metadata still has it there’s also this lovely art.

About Crysis Remastered:

Crysis offers first-individual shooter fans the most attractive developed an imaginative gamma play empowering players to adjust progressively to endure Crysis remastered brings new graphic features high quality textures and the crying genes native hardware and API agnostic rate tracing solution for PC PlayStation Xbox and for the very first time Nintendo switch it treats with both PS 5 and Xbox series X capable of hardware based ray tracing it’s very possible to remaster will end up on next-gen consoles given that it’s also coming to ps4 and Xbox one not to mention switch it’s likely going to be toned down version with the cat now out of the bag expect an official announcement to follow in short order.


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