This Game is Better Than PUBG

This Game Is Better Than Pubg Battle Royale


Call of Duty warzone is a battle royale video game released on 10 march 2020. And this game developed by infinity ward and raven software and published by Activision. so today we have gotten our very first official piece of information regarding warzone because this banner or advert has leaked for warzone over on Twitch. now I’m not entirely sure whether they accidentally put this up early but this is our very first look now interestingly enough on this banner it says that PlayStation Plus is required and obviously it has been rumored slash leaked to be free-to-play for quite some time.
call of duty warzone

so what people are wondering why on earth is PlayStation Plus required because all the free-to-play games like for tonight apex legends don’t require it well I still think it is going to be free-to-play but most likely there is just a deal that they have with PlayStation they’ve probably paid for this exclusivity. so if you guys are unaware the embargo is supposed to lift later on today on the 9th of March on Monday so youtubers slash dreamers will be showcasing early gameplay that we a lot of articles made today and the trailer is supposed to be releasing today for war zone as well apparently the embargo is going to be lifting around noon time central time and war zone is set to release tomorrow on the 10th of March.

which will obviously be revealed right at the end of the trailer I am hearing that players might be able to download warzone early if they already own a copy of modern warfare but if you don’t already own a copy of modern warfare you will have to wait a few hours extra hopefully once the trailer releases and the embargo lifts and there’s gameplay and stuff like that hopefully a pre download goes alive because apparently it’s going to be something like 35GB. I don’t know on which platforms so that’s going to be a really large download file so I really do hope that there is a pre download for everyone at least players who already own modern warfare now if you’ve been paying attention to the recent war zone leaks war zone seems like it’s going to be a very different battery owl I have recently heard that some of those leaks are wrong but quite a lot of them are correct but even if just half of them are correct it seems like it’s going to be very very different to oh the battery else on the market so it’s going to be interesting to see how the reacts on wall anyways thanks for watching the video make sure to subscribe if you’re not deflated in grades mine warfare news and information its anyways.


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